We help organisations improve performance and resilience in the workplace by equipping leaders and their teams with practical skills to manage holistic wellbeing.
Why Fit to Lead?

This programme was built by Celynn and Steve, leaders in their respective fields, who believe passionately that wellbeing is paramount to the future of business. The relentless pace and change in the modern workplace drives increasingly unhealthy stress. In order to survive and thrive, businesses know they need to harness the potential of organisational wellbeing, but don’t know how to align work environments and cultures with employees’ personal values, motivations and wellness needs. 


We drive health to the bottom line. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve this.

Fit to Lead core aims:
  1. Cultivate a culture of wellbeing and performance, developing skills for physical, mental and emotional  health.
  2. Equip leaders and their teams with practical techniques to help manage the impact of stress and regulate their own state.
  3. Teach participants how to make better overall lifestyle choices so that they have greater resilience, are happier, healthier and get more done with reduced risk of burnout.

Happy,  healthy people make better decisions and stay engaged.

Fit to Lead services:

A 1-hour keynote presentation delivered by world-class professional speakers.
Uses a proven format that enhances audience self-awareness and enables instant lifestyle change.

An engaging 4-hour workshop designed for smaller groups.
Includes an individually confidential, personal assessment.

An engaging 8-hour retreat programme, ideally presented off-site.
Includes an individually confidential, personal assessment and anonymised team analysis.

Fit to Lead key learning outcomes:

Each session or programme is customised to suit the awareness level and requirements of the audience and organisation.

Participants learn deep, practical, and immediately impactful self-regulation techniques, leading to enhanced decision making and communication skills.

Science-based, experiential techniques are taught in all sessions, and embodied in all aspects of the work, resulting in greater wellbeing and improved group collaboration.

Understand your stress and “trigger” responses through science based self-awareness techniques. Understand mental health and burnout, and how they relate to performance and resilience.

Understand mindfulness techniques and attention training techniques for brain fitness. Learn how to ensure a good night’s rest and the importance of intentional rest. Recognise thought patterns and ensure greater focus and creativity.

“Learn the HeartMath® technique for Heart Coherence to regulate emotions and improve communication. Calm, energise and focus your nervous system appropriately

Understand energy and stamina management for better performance. Know how to remediate, maintain and improve long-term health. Understand personalised nutritional strategies to optimise wellbeing.

Understand posture and conscious movement to create desired feelings, emotions or mindset. Develop deeper breathing techniques to regulate autonomic balance.

Neuroscience for lasting change. Embodiment techniques to learn to live by design instead of on autopilot.

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Co-founded by Celynn Morin and Steve Savides:

Celynn Morin started her career as a private practicing dietician, focusing on diabetes, heart disease, digestive health and weight loss. She now works with business leaders and their teams, sharing practical strategies on how to manage energy, optimise health, enhance performance and build better resilience.

Registered health practitioner (dietitian & nutritionist)
Certified speaking professional
Award-winning international speaker
Workplace wellbeing consultant
Author of two books
Accredited HeartMath® Coach
Developed several wellbeing assessments and frameworks.

Steve-cropped-2 web

Steve Savides spent over twenty years in London working internationally as a services, sales & operations director in the tech sector for Lucent, Avaya, Polycom (Poly) and Oracle, serving financial services, government, service providers, and many other client verticals. He is an executive coach, workplace wellbeing consultant and father of three grown sons.

Award-winning sales leader
Qualified in Project and Programme Management
Accredited HeartMath® Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher and Group Facilitator
Certified Coach and Speaker
Workplace wellbeing consultant
Formally trained in The Thinking Environment®

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